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Signature Collection Albums is 100% committed to customer service and satisfaction. To help you navigate through our site, we’ve listed out a few commonly asked questions. If your question is not answered on this page, please reach out to support@scalbums.com. We’re happy to help!

What’s New?

Welcome to the new and improved Signature Collection Albums website! For those of you transitioning over from our old website, you will need to create a new account before you can access the site and place an order.

Below are some of the features and improvements with the launch of the new website. Enjoy!

  • You are now able to place one single order with multiple products at the same time.
  • We have finally launched our new, larger swatch kits—The Designer Swatch Kit can be found here.
  • In addition to our 5x5 metal inlays, we now offer 3x3, 3x6, and 6x3.
  • Sizes and templates for album pages/spreads and covers will remain the same.
  • Your order history will unfortunately not be transferred over, but fear not, we still have access to your completed, pending and current orders.

Current orders are still moving along in production without any delay. If you need access to a previously placed order, we’ll be happy to send you a pdf copy of the invoice, just email us at support@scalbums.com.


Getting Started

What do I need to do before I place my first order?

Sign up for an account. Click “Create New Account” in the top right coner of the page. You will be approved within 24-48 hours (only professional photographers with a working website will be approved). Once approved, Sign in and select a product to start the process of placing your first order.

We highly suggest ordering a Swatch Kit so you're able to actually see and touch our leathers. The Designer Swatch Kit provides you with a 3”x3” sample swatch of each of our leathers currently offered from both the Brooklyn and NY Collections.


What kind of paper do you use? We use Fuji PD paper – a true pro quality paper.
Is the leather genuine or imitation? There are no imitation leathers used on any of our albums. They are all 100% genuine Italian leather.
Why are there variations in certain leathers? Leather is a natural material made from a cow. Cow hides get scars just like us. These scars can sometimes appear in the finished leather. We do everything we can to avoid scarred areas on the hide, however, occasionally this can still show through on some leathers. We do not use any bonded or faux leathers to make our products.
What is a “spread”? A spread is the combination of two pages that form one continuous area for images when the album is opened. For instance, a 20 page album would have 10 spreads.  
What is Debossing? Also known as a blind emboss, debossing is a stamp (or design) pressed into the surface of the leather so that it is indented.
Can I get debossing on the all of the leathers? Unfortunately, there are certain leathers in the New York Collection that do not work with debossing. These leathers have gone through special pattern impressing techniques and treatments which prevents quality debossing.

The following leathers CANNOT be debossed:
Gatora Scarlet, Gatora Pearl, Gatora Onyx, Rustic Cream Bark, Rustic Brass Saddle, Lush Clove, Lush Aluminum, Lush Brick, Lush Raven, Untamed Bloom, Untamed Mineral, Untamed Seagrass, Untamed Shell, Naked Stone, Naked Rose, Naked Mocha, Autumn Saddle
Do you guarantee your products? Of course! We stand behind the materials and workmanship of our albums. On the rare occasion that an issue should arise in the workmanship of an album, contact us immediately at support@scalbums.com. We will do everything possible to correct the issue as quickly as possible.
Being stateside allows us to quickly assist you and repair any defects you may encounter. This does not include damage due to normal wear and tear, misuse or accidental damage. Repairs for these instances are subject to repair/replacement fees.
Where are the albums made? Our albums are made right here in the USA– something we take great pride in and something that should matter to your business. When you have questions or something goes wrong, we can walk right out to production to get answers. We are always a phone call away.
What’s your return policy? There are no returns allowed. Once your album has entered production, there is no way for us to refund your money.

Album Ordering Process

How do I submit my order? You must be a professional photographer and registered user with our website to access our ordering system and pricing information. Submitting your order is fast and easy with our custom ordering platform!
When do I upload my images? Once you place your order you will need to zip your files and upload them to our private link.

  • create a zip file with all your images, spreads, or logos.
  • click on the link - https://signaturecollectionalbums.wetransfer.com/
  • click the +Add Files button to upload your zip file.
  • click the +Your email and enter your email address.
  • Very Important - place your order number in the message field.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept MC, Visa and American Express. Orders must be paid at the time of order submission.
What is your turnaround time? Depending on the time of year, your album will be ready in 4-5 weeks. We will keep you updated on the status of your album if we are experiencing any production issues or delays. Please note: adding special add-on services such as Edit My Images and/or Free Album Design will increase production time. Be sure to check the estimated turnaround time for the service you’ve selected.
Do you offer rush services? We do offer a production rush of 7 business days. However, if you’ve ordered the Free Album Design Services, please allow for an additional 5-7 business day turnaround, plus 2 business days for any potential design changes to be made. Make sure to leave a note on the order form letting us know the date you need to have it the album in hand so we can make sure your expectations are on file with the order. We recommend adding expedited shipping for any rush orders to ensure an on-time delivery.
Can I make a change to my order? We cannot guarantee changes to an order form after it has been placed, especially if the book is already in production. If a change is possible, it will increase production time and certain fees may apply. Please contact us directly with any questions about changes to your order.

Sample Albums and Swatches

Is there a discount for sample albums? Yes, we offer each client a 25% discount on 2 albums per calendar year. These can be used for sample albums or client orders.
Are sample albums marked? No. We DO NOT stamp "sample" in your album. We want your sample albums to be beautiful and help you sell your craft.
How do I order a Studio Sample? Create your album as normal. In your shopping cart, you’ll find a box to enter Coupon Codes. Enter your sample code and the 25% discount will be applied during checkout.  Use coupon code: sample2016
Do you offer a swatch kit? Yes. You can purchase our Designer Swatch Kit on the site. The individual sample swatches are 3”x3” and include the full set of leathers from our New York and Brooklyn Collections. The Designer Swatch Kit is delivered in a custom wood box and will be shipped within 5-10 business days. To view the product, click here.


How much does it cost to ship? Shipping costs are tied to weight, distance and time, calculated during the ordering process. If you need the exact cost of your shipment, you can place an order in your shopping cart and view the auto-generated shipping prices, without actually having to place the order.
How are your albums packaged/shipped? Our albums are packaged with extreme care to ensure no damage occurs during the shipping process. The albums are boxed in a custom presentation box and are ready to be placed in your client’s hands once they arrive.
Do you include invoices with the packaged album? No. We do not include invoices with your order. The receipt for your order will be emailed to you and it will show up under “completed orders” on your account dashboard.
Do you ship directly to the customer? Yes, drop shipping is possible, however, we recommend shipping to your studio to ensure the album was not damaged in shipping and that you are placing a pristine product in your client’s hands.
Can my albums be shipped together? Unfortunately, no. All albums will ship separately as your orders are placed.
What are the shipping options?

Domestic: UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air, UPS Next Day Air
International: UPS Expedited, UPS Express Saver, UPS Express
How will I know if my order is ready to ship? You can check the status of your order once you're logged into your account. Click on the My Account tab in the top left corner of the home page. Once your album has shipped, you will receive an automated email with tracking information.




What are the file specifications? All files MUST be sRGB .jpgs at 300 DPI. Your final spreads need to be color corrected and ready for print. You should also follow a standard sequence numbering of your spreads to avoid any confusion (i.e., SCCover, SC01, SC02, SC03 etc.).
How do I size my spreads for my album? We have generic sizing guideline templates for each album size  we offer (spreads and covers). Click here to download: Templates
How do I design my spreads? You can design your spreads in a host of applications available to creative professionals like Photoshop, InDesign, Fundy Album Builder, SmartAlbums,  and various custom templates available online.  In addition, we offer free album design by EvolveEdits - make sure to select this option when placing your order.
Where does the first page/spread start? All albums start on the left and are full spreads throughout the book. If you want the look of a right page start, simply add a black or white left page to your first spread.
What is the spread safety margin? We try to trim as little as possible, but recommend designing a 3/8in safety margin into your spreads.
Do you color correct? WE DO NOT COLOR CORRECT YOUR FILES. Your files are printed as-is. So please be sure to calibrate your monitors correctly or work with EvolveEdits.com to design and prepare your spreads. Make sure you are working on a calibrated monitor to get the most accurate colors.
How do I calibrate my monitor to make sure the colors are correct? There are a variety of products available in the market to color correct your files. We do not offer custom color profiles. Submit your files using the sRGB color space at 300dpi.
Do you check files to let me know if my images look off? We DO NOT check files for imperfections in imagery or editing. It is up to you to check your files.

Design Services


Who is doing the album design? Evolve. For more information, please visit www.evolveedits.com or reach out to them directly at info@evolveedits.com
How many images can I submit for album design? We allow a MAXIMUM of 3 images to be submitted per page, so it all depends on the amount of pages/spreads you ordered for your album! For example, if you order a 30 page/ 15 spread album you may submit up to 90 images. Please be sure to let us know in the notes of your order if you would like us to use all of your images in the design of your album.
What is the turnaround time for album design? Please allow 5-7 business days (after receiving notification that your order is in production) for your first design to be completed. After submitting change requests, please allow 2 business days for those changes to be made.
How many changes can I make to the design before final approval? We allow unlimited changes to your album design free of charge!
How do I upload my images for album design? Upload your zipped folder directly to our site at the beginning of your order. Once your order has been successfully submitted, we’ll review the details and let you know when it’s ready for approval.

PLEASE NOTE: Our site only accepts zip file format. You will not be able to proceed to checkout without the correct file format.
What type of files do I need to submit for album design? Please submit your final images as .jpg, sRGB, at 300 DPI.
How do I show the album design to my clients for approval? We use Album Exposure for album proofing. Album Exposure has actually put together a great document that clearly explains how the process works with proofing through their service. You can download that document here: Download
What do I do once I’ve approved my final album design? Nothing! We take it from there! Once we’ve received your approval, your album will begin the production process. The next notification you will receive will be when your album ships!

Edit My Images


What is “Edit My Images”? Edit My Images is an add-on service provided to our clients to offer end-to-end image processing and album design.
Who is editing my images? Evolve. For more information, please visit www.evolveedits.com or reach out to them directly at info@evolveedits.com
What file type do I submit? Please submit your final images as .jpg, sRGB, at 300 DPI.
Why type of edits will be done to my images? Evolve will edit your images as Deluxe Edits. Examples of this type of edit can be found here: EvolveEdits
Can I select which images I want edited? Unfortunately, this is an all-in service provided by Evolve. To minimize any potential confusion, if you select ‘Edit My Images,’ all of the images you submit will be edited for your album design.

Custom Engraving

What is custom engraving? We use a laser machine to etch your artwork or logo onto the surface of our products. The laser actually cuts the material away, and produces a crisp clean line where our debossing option for our albums is more of a rounded look
Are there any limitations on fonts, design size, or location? There are no limitations. Because this is laser engraved, your design can be as simple or as complex as you like. As long as it fits in the templates described below and is submitted in the correct format – all black .eps, we will have our engraver design the custom cover to your specs.
Where can I engrave on the box? Top cover or inside top cover.
How do I submit my artwork?

Step One: Before placing your order, download the zip file (folios) or download the zip file (boxes), open the corresponding document in photoshop and design away.
Step Two: Save your design as a .jpg for our reference of desired placement on the wood box lid.
Step Three: Create a folder labeled first name_last name using the name that will be on the order form (example: john_smith)
Step Four: Add your saved .jpg file for placement reference and an ALL BLACK .EPS FILE of your logo or text you want engraved on the folio. PLEASE NOTE: only .eps files will be accepted for the logo and/or text being engraved.
Step Five: Zip your folder.
Step Six: Upload your zipped folder with your .jpg and .eps files directly to our site to place your order. PLEASE NOTE: Our site only accepts zip file format. You will not be able to proceed to checkout without the correct file format.
How long will this take? If you are ordering an album, your custom engraved box will be ready to ship with your album. If you are ordering just a box, please allow 7-10 business days from the time your final artwork has been approved.


I can’t remember my password? Go to the Sign In link, click on the “Forgot your password?” link and reset your password.
How can I view my order history? Sign in to your account and go to “My Account” page and click on the “Completed Orders” tab.

Terms and Conditions

Because of the nature of our products, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, please contact us at support@scalbums.com
If your order was damaged or defective, please contact us immediately and send a picture to support@scalbums.com and we will help you determine the next steps.